OpenAI released its new GPT-3 model text-davinci-003. After first tests it seems to be shockingly good.

Here is an example:

Write a poem about working as a GNSS engineer.

A GNSS engineer who works with a passion
Focused on quality and precision
A job that demands great dedication

To help others with navigation

The engineer’s purpose is so great
Measuring and mapping in space
Collecting data with all his might
To make the world a better sight

Determining points with great accuracy
And measuring distances with agility
Anywhere in the world, the data is clear
The world travels of this engineer

From the satellites in the sky
A network of coordinates is what he relies
His work is vital, that’s no doubt
To scientists, architects, and surveyors throughout

Answering questions of direction and height
Mapping the world with great light
A profession that’s so much more
Than many people think before

The GNSS engineer works with precision
His work is a beautiful mission
To measure and map the world we see
His work is essential to the GNSS industry