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OpenAI releases ChatGPT and Whisper APIs

On March 01, 2023, OpenAI announced the releases of APIs for ChatGPT (published on Nov 30, 2022) and the automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine Whisper for speech-to-text (STT) transcription (and translation) that was open-sourced in Sept 2022.

The ChatGPT model family is called gpt-3.5-turbo and costs just $0.002 per 1k tokens, which is 10 times cheaper than the existing GPT-3.5 models. Instead of consuming unstructured text as traditionally done by GPT, the ChatGPT models consume a sequence of messages with metadata following a new format called Chat Markup Language (ChatML). The number of tokens (tokens in prompt + tokens in response as available via response[‘usage’][‘total_tokens’]) is restricted to 4096. Notice that there is no possibility to fine-tune gpt-3.5-turbo models.

For Whisper the large-v2 model is now available through an API for a price of $0.006 per minute. The API contains endpoints for transcriptions (transcribes in source language) and translations (transcribes into English).

In addition, the possibility of dedicated instances for professional users was announced that can make economical sense beyond ~450M tokens per day.

A significant change that was made in the Terms of Service and Usage Polices is that data submitted to the API is no longer used for service improvements (e.g. model training) unless an organization opts in. Before it was necessary to opt-out.

OpenAI announced ChatGPT Plus

OpenAI announced on Feb 01, 2023, a new subscription plan, ChatGPT Plus, that will be available for $20/month. Benefits are

  • General access to ChatGPT, even during peak times
  • Faster response times
  • Priority access to new features and improvements

ChatGPT Plus will be available first just to customers in the United States.

Since Feb 10, 2023, it is also available in Germany.

On Feb 06, 2023, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced with Bard a competitor to ChatGPT in a message to Google employees. Bard is based on LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications) whose first version was unveiled on May 18, 2021.

Only 2 days later, on Feb 08, 2023, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella demonstrated in a presentation the integration of ChatGPT into Microsoft Bing (codename Sydney).

Virtual Machine inside ChatGPT

People start to realize what is possible with ChatGPT and there are already some great summaries available [1][2] . However, the currently most exciting prompt I have seen is to let ChatGPT answer like being a Linux terminal. This effectively opens up a complete virtual machine inside ChatGPT by predicting the proper text answer on user input. Doing this in a recursive way feels mind-blowing …

Lots of people are now experimenting with this idea.

More info about ChatGPT can be found in this video by Yannic Kilcher.

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